Annual Giving (Pledge)

Why We Pledge

UUFC is a totally self-supporting congregation, which means that every aspect of our religious life together is financially supported by us – the members and friends of UUFC.  As we work together to fulfill our mission, it is important to gather the necessary funds to pay for the programs and work of the church, including worship and music, children’s and adult religious education, pastoral care, our social justice projects, and new ministries. The UUFC also needs to cover the salaries of the ministers and staff and for the operation and maintenance of our facilities.

With financial support, the UUFC is able to:

  • Sustain our community;

  • Encourage spiritual and intellectual growth;

  • Reach out to members in need;

  • Expand our outreach and social justice efforts;

  • Maintain and sustain our beautiful facilities;

  • Support our music and arts programs;

  • Sponsor forums, events, and speakers to open minds and hearts;

  • Welcome more people and become more richly diverse.


All members and regularly attending friends are asked to make a financial pledge to UUFC in accordance with their resources and circumstances. A pledge is simply an estimate of what each person or family will give over the coming year. No matter what each is able to give, it is certain that all pledges, of whatever amount, are needed. 

Every pledge is welcome and appreciated. Imagine what your own act of generous giving will do toward our shared mission!  It takes every one of us to support the mission of UUFC and our beloved community.

Pledge Basics
A pledge is a promise to donate a certain amount of money to UUFC during its fiscal year, which runs from January 1 through December 31 of any given year. All pledges go into the UUFC’s Operating Fund and are disbursed in accordance with the approved budget for that year.

Determine Your Pledge

Consider what UUFC means to you and its importance in the larger world.  Then choose the pledge amount that feels both right and generous. Keep in mind that with each year expenses rise with inflation and increases in your contribution are welcome.


The Fair-Share Guide, a tool provided by the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) and adapted for the UUFC, suggests three levels of giving in relation to annual income. In general, we ask that you seriously consider an annual pledge of 5% of your annual household income. We understand that we all have varied circumstances. If 5% is simply not possible, please contribute an amount that is significant for you, representing your commitment to UUFC, to your personal growth, and to relationships within the community.











While there is no stated minimum pledge, a contribution of record is a requirement to participate as a voting member of the UUFC. In addition, please keep in mind that as a member, the UUFC must pay yearly dues on your behalf to related associations that support our ministry and social justice efforts.


Make Your Pledge

Simply complete and return a pledge form, available in the annual October Canvass Letter, print the online form, or contact the UUFC Office at for further assistance.

Return your completed and signed pledge form to a member of the Stewardship Team, Financial Council or Board of Trustee, drop it in the Sunday collection basket, or mail it to:

Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson

Attn: Stewardship Team

230 Pendleton Road

Clemson, SC  29631