There are three types of bid sheets. The first (#12) is a set price and number of sign-ups. The second (#58) is bid steps with only 1 winner. The third is bid steps with multiple winners.

The afternoon of Friday, April 27, Petra will update the computer spreadsheet and mark the bid sheets in green and pink as shown. Green are the winning bidders and pink indicate that someone can still win if they bid in those slots.

When bidding closes and you gather the bid sheets, you only need to update the spreadsheet for bid sheets that show an entry in a pink line.

#12: easy . . . just add the people and the set price

#58: easy . . . just update the line item and the winning amount

#39: requires a bit more analysis. There are 4 winners, marked in green. No one can outbid Jones, so those slots remain unchanged. But Smith at $25 and 1 Patel at $25 could be outbid with entries on 30, 35, or 40.

When bidding closes, you need to quickly gather the bid sheets in number order and head to the library. Close the door; no one comes in to interrupt you. Liz, you'll be the only one typing on the spreadsheet. Melissa, you'll look at each bid sheet in number order and determine if there is a pink line entry.

If there is any question regarding a bid sheet, put it to the side and Petra will review it with you.

Officially I've scheduled 15 minutes to update the spreadsheet, but I'll check your progress before letting Nancy L. and Renee join you.

Liz, I've sent you the link to the Google spreadsheet. Take a minute to look it over.

Call or email with questions on this step. Separate instructions will be coming on how you'll be working with Nancy L. and Renee.

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