Congregational Services

Council of Committees

The Chair presides over meetings of the Council of Committees and presents recommendations to the Board of Trustees from the various committees for appropriate action or information. The Chair also presents directives or referrals to the Council of Committees from the Board of Trustees.



Worship Services Committee

The Worship Services Committee insures that the Sunday services continue to meet the needs of a varied congregation. Tasks include soliciting, and if necessary act upon, services feedback from congregation members, Insuring that service topics are planned and scheduled at least 6 months in advance, training and staffing of Worship Associates and Worship Leaders as necessary, reviewing music and choir programs with the Music Director, discuss updates/needs for the sound, recording and A/V systems, assigning ushers and reviewing needed changes in the Sanctuary appearance.





Coordination of Ushers



Communications Committee

The Communications Committee handles the bulk of UUFC information sharing with the larger community outside its own walls. Communications keeps up this website, keeps tabs on and creates content for social media, uploads service videos to the YouTube channel, submits event information to online community calendars and continually seeks and explores new avenues and technologies to strengthen public relations. In addition, the Communications Committee works in sync with the Congregational Secretary to ensure that posted information is up-to-date and accurate.




The website offers both basic information about the UUFC congregation as well as Unitarian Universalism is general. It includes up-to-date listings of events, upcoming services and a master calendar. Additional tools are available such as a member directory, an A-Z contact list, a library and much more. The Site Map lists and links to every page on the site.




The UUFC has three Facebook pages. The UUFC Facebook Page contains events postings, follows current events that relate to social justice and social action as well as uplifting and faith/spiritual messages. Visitors may post as guests. The second page is the UUFC Facebook Member Group for members; posts are not public and members may ask to join. The third posts information as it relates to our Lifespan Religious Exploration path.



The YouTube channel is where videos of past services are posted. Please note that not all services are recorded and/or uploaded depending on content and speakers consent.




The mission/purpose of Hospitality is to strengthen community through social activities. The Committee meets when the need arises. Tasks at the Fellowship include setting out refreshments for Sunday morning social time, encourages the offering of healthy foods, cleans the kitchen and Social Room after each Sunday morning Hospitality, enlists volunteers to serve on Hospitality teams, updates Hospitality instructions as needed, organizes the kitchen and social room cabinets and drawers with labels that indicate what is located in each, purchases a supply of snacks that can be used for Hospitality, gives the kitchen, including the refrigerator, a thorough cleaning at the end of each month, inventories supplies monthly and sets up for and cleans up after each 5th Sunday and Holiday Potlucks and Picnics.



Membership Committee

The Membership Committee and its members lead the congregation in welcoming visitors and assimilating new Friends and Members. Tasks at the Fellowship include providing a welcoming environment for visitors, writing personal notes to visitors who submit a Visitor Information Card, monitor and organize name tags and buttons, monitor the UU & You class experience and to participate in the Council of Committees. They also develop systems, materials, and occasionally events:

  • To organize and schedule volunteers to handle the Welcome Table and Sunday Morning Hosts

  • To assist newcomers on the path to Membership by preparing and conducting UU and You classes

  • To assist in the twice-annual New Member Recognition services

  • To help new Members assimilate into the UUFC community and steer them to areas of UUFC life that use their talents and satisfy their interests


Care Committee

The Care Committee is a sub-committee of the Membership Committee. The role of the care committee is to provide in-reach to members and friends of the congregation by: providing meals in times of sickness, bereavement or hardship, provide receptions for funerals and memorial services, provide a "once a year" baby book shower for the parents of new babies, visiting shut-ins, sending cards to those who are ill, mot able to attend services, or have experienced a loss and provide two workshops yearly for the education of the congregation.




Lifespan Religious Exploration

Email: (LRE Director)

Children and Youth

Campus and Adult

Covenant Groups

Healing Groups


Wisdom Path

Meditation Groups

Adult RE Courses