Covenant Groups

Covenant Groups are comprised of 8-12 UUFC members ad friends who wish to explore their deepest understanding of life in the midst of a community of faith. Each group creates its own covenant, or agreement, which outlines the guidelines they choose to abide by in their meetings. Covenants usually list communal expectations such as listening respectfully, speaking one at a time, practicing kindness, and maintaining confidentiality.

The monthly gatherings follow a predetermined topic designed to help people connect with each other; the sharing and deep listening that take place foster intimate connections and a sense of shared community that are often difficult to achieve in a large congregation such as ours. While they are not support groups, members do support each other by listening with empathy and caring for and helping each other when the need arises.

Group                             Facilitator(s)

Butterfly                               Holley Ulbrich

Curiosity                               Cecile Dyck

Sojourners                           Karen Hiebel

Heart & Soul                        Michelle Bostick

Novel Circle                         Gail Brownlee and Cindy Lee

2020 Open Enrollment & Recommitment

Over the past year, the covenant group leaders worked together to recommit to our covenant group program. We are holding an “open enrollment” for Covenant Groups during the month of January. We ask that new and previous covenant group members enroll (or re-enroll) and consider their intentions. Everyone in the UUFC Community is welcome to join a Covenant Group. 

If you would like to join a Covenant Group, recommit to one or want more information, please fill out the form online, print/download the Word document, or visit the AFE information table on Sundays after the service and we will follow up with you.  We hope you’ll join us!


Groups meet at UUFC, either at Founders' House or in the Library in the main building and may or may not provide refreshments. While meetings vary from group to group, they generally follow this pattern:


  • Opening words are read and a chalice is lit

  • Members check in with a brief update on how they are doing

  • Reflection and discussion of the predetermined topic

  • Members check out with their final thoughts on the topic

  • Closing words are read and the chalice is extinguished

Each group chooses its own topics. Sometimes the facilitator comes up with the topic and sometimes members of the group suggest topics they'd like to discuss. Up to a week before each meeting, the facilitator sends out via email the topic, any related readings and/or pertinent questions for discussion. A sampling of topics includes:


  • Prayer

  • Balance

  • Sacred Places

  • Follow Your Bliss

  • Forgiveness

  • Approval

  • Ethical Reasoning

  • Gratitude

  • Intergenerational Understanding

  • Father/Daughter Relationships

  • I Am Home

  • Peacemaking

  • The Pursuit of Happiness

  • The Paradox of Choice