Our Covenant, Vision and Mission

Covenant of Right Relations

We come to this fellowship in pursuit of a community of love, strength and support that is larger than ourselves.  In this spirit, we covenant to:


  • Provide a safe and inclusive space for the social and spiritual needs of our diverse members, honoring different perspectives, abilities and cultural identities

  • Honor our obligation to volunteer as we are able and give of ourselves in support of each other and our fellowship

  • Recognize, acknowledge, and actively appreciate our gifts to one another, accepting our imperfections and limitations

  • Support and nurture each other in our community, taking responsibility to ask for what we need

  • Listen and speak actively, respectfully, and with caring and open minds, sharing our individual truths as a means to reach better understanding

  • Speak honestly and directly to those with whom we have issues, especially in times of conflict or disagreement

  • Focus foremost on problem-solving rather than blame, seeking the best resolutions for all involved, including our Fellowship as a whole.


We join in this covenant to grow and sustain a healthy and loving fellowship.


Our Mission

We are an inclusive religious community sharing open minds, spiritual growth and compassionate action.


Our Vision
The UUFC will be:
  • A vibrantly diverse, welcoming and caring religious community that fosters spiritual and intellectual growth for all ages.

  • A beacon in the larger community for social justice, care for the earth, and compassionate service.

  • A growing congregation with resources to support high-quality personnel and facilities, and broad participation in shared ministries and program.