This page contains some of the nuts and bolts of information useful to members and visitors alike. From the Member Directory, office hours, and quick contact list, to maps and directions to find us, we've got you covered.

Down To Business

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Fellowship Hall

Lifespan Religious Exploration Classrooms

226 Pendleton Road

Clemson, SC 29631


Founders' House

Offices: Minister and Administration

230 Pendleton Road

Clemson, SC 29631




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Contact Us

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Founders' House Office Hours


Monday: 8am - 12pm

Tuesday: Closed

Wednesday: 8am - 2pm

Thursday: 8am - 12pm

Friday: 8am - 12pm

Due to the small size of our office staff and volunteer staffing, please call if you are dropping by without an appointment, otherwise you might find we're out running errands!

Quick Contact List

Administration Office

Care Team or (864) 654-5959


Director of Lifespan Faith Formation

Minister or (864) 623-7917

Music Director

Pastoral Care  (864) 654-5959

President, Board of Trustees


Contacts A-Z