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Want to be involved?  We always have a role for someone.

Contact us and ask us how to be a part of religious education.


You've probably been approached to help with RE before, and been afraid to commit - because of the time, the Sundays lost, the preparation or even the fear that you can't interact with children. But, you probably also appreciate how important a strong RE program is to our congregation.  What to do?


Fear not! There's a role for all types of people that wish to take part.


Elementary Learners: Spirit Play

Here are the roles we have for this program:

  • Storyteller: leads the lesson by telling the story with a variety of supplied figurines and felt objects and assists the children to find their independent work project. (This can include coloring or acting out another story on their own.) Preparation involves taking the story home the week before and rehearsing the 15-minute story ahead of time.

  • Doorkeepers: greets each child as they enter the space, helps maintain some order and assists the storyteller. The doorkeeper would also help the children with their work. No advance preparation is necessary. The biggest commitment is learning the children's names.

  • Materials prep people: we always need help preparing the materials used in the stories. Are you a person that loves to create? Use that love to help us create story kits. This commitment is at whatever level you can offer, at times of your choice.


Advance Learners, or Teens

We need experts on a variety of topics to lead a discussion with the teens after watching a TED talk. Roles for this include:

  • Experts: watch the TED talk with the students, then lead the discussion session, which should focus on how this relates to their philosophies as UU teens. Experts would commit for only one Sunday (or more if they wish.) Preparation would involve watching the TED talk in advance and consider questions for the discussion, and some discussion with the moderator to understand some of the personalities in the room.


Want to know more? Get in touch with the head of the LRE Committee or the LRE Director!