Importance of Stewardship

To be a steward of something means to conserve it; to give it attention and care, to cherish it, to be its guardian, to protect and sustain it and to keep it safe. As applied to our fellowship, financial support expresses all of these aspects of stewardship because it allows the management and planning that creates everything that we find here - from children’s education to our liberal religious experience; from outreach and the maintenance of our facilities - to our music on Sunday mornings.

Stewardship does not happen by accident. It depends on the acknowledgement that a personal relationship with the UUFC is important to each of us and that we have a personal commitment to protect it and preserve the values that make it important.

For many, the act of giving is itself a spiritual practice. It can be a transformative experience to give back of our financial resources to this congregation that has given us so much, to put our money where our hearts are, to support our values and our mission. It is only through our shared generosity and giving that we are able to create the vibrant, joyful, dedicated, beloved community that we celebrate here at UUFC.

We are a generous congregation.  Through our generous giving we support the mission and vision of UUFC. We give what we can with joy and enthusiasm because we are UUFC and we know that we matter and that we make a difference within and beyond our walls.