Memorial Garden Sponsors & Contributors

We give thanks for all those who envisioned the need of the stages of human life and have given their time and gifts to create this beautiful garden. May this garden be a reminder of the many ways that love is manifested in the world.


Memorial Garden Sponsors (Contributors of $500 or More)

Clara Golay and Ellis Bradford, Berniece and Albert Holt, John Kenelly, Cindy Lee and Riley Stevens, Jane McLamarrah and Mike Kohl, Caroline Minori, Jackie and Cos Renzi, Cindy and Jim Rodgers, Sandra Sanderson, Georgeanne Stafford, Anita and Ralph Stutzman, Jeannie Varenhorst


​Dedication Brick Contributors

Jim Alexander, Martha Alexander, Louis Bregger, Gail Brownlee, Julie Craig, Lynn Craig, Bill Croghan, Sandy Croghan, Chuck Fleming, Jaci Fleming, Jonnie Grady, Les, Grady, Mandy Guyon, Dixie Haywoondy, Anne Higley, Charlotte Holt, Mike Kohl, Cindy Lee, Meg MacArthur, Jane McLamarrah, Cindy Rodgers, Jim Rodgers, Sandra Sanderson, Riley Stevens, Anita Stutzman, Ralph Stutzman, Carolyn Turner, John Turner Carol Ward, Meg Williamson



Purchase A Brick

The Memorial Garden Committee and the UUFC community are deeply grateful for the guidance and help in the design of the garden offered by Professor Lynn Craig, FAIA, RIBA, husband of our longtime administrator, Julie Craig