Music To Lift the Spirit

At the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Clemson music is a veritable spiritualpractice.  Just as we can learn from Jesus, Buddha, & Mohammed, so too can we learn from J.S. Bach, Mozart, Bob Dylan, John Lennon, Joan Baez and many, many others.


Indeed, our Sunday services are filled with music which is as varied as the beliefs of our congregation. Our music program offers a wide variety of selections to support and enhance the exploration of each weekly sermon topic.  On any given Sunday, you might hear a classical piano, showtunes, folk guitar, jazz, or classic rock!


We’re extremely fortunate to have our music program led by Elaine Fredendall. 


The UUFC Choir ​is a choral ensemble that participates frequently in Sunday morning Worship Services. Cory Dodgens, Jorge Medina and Paula Heusinkveld are regular performers on Sundays.


Our church offers a rich variety of opportunities to blossom through musical expression:

  • Guest Artists and Ad Hoc Ensembles or Groups

  • Members and friends join together for occasional concerts in the Sanctuary.


If you’re interested in learning more about our music program, please contact Elaine at