Order of Service

Sunday services at the UUFC are like those of many other UU churches. While the services vary from week to week, there are a number of elements that are usually included in most services. Before the service starts, there is usually a musical prelude while people find their way to a seat in the sanctuary. 


Greetings and Announcements

Following the prelude, our minister or a congregation member welcomes everyone to the service and makes some general announcements (announcements are also printed inside the Order of Service), such as upcoming events, classes, etc. This is followed by a short piece of music and/or hymn to set a spiritual tone.


Lighting the Chalice and Reciting the Affirmation

Following an opening reading, the chalice is lit by one of our children with the help of the service leader. The congregation joins together in reciting the UUFC's affirmation statement, authored by James Vila Blake.

We gather together in a spirit of love

With justice as our guide.

This is our chosen covenant:

To dwell together in peace

To seek the truth with freedom

And to care for one another. 

A Time for All Ages

The minister, lay leader or service leader gather the children and tell or read a story that reflects the nature of that Sunday's service topic. 

Offering Collection

The children gather canned and boxed goods that are donated to the local food bank. Baskets are passed to collect an offering of which 25 percent is given to the named charity for that month. The adults then sing the Traveling Song as the children leave for their classes.


Sharing of Joys and Concerns

This is a special time in the service for members and friends to share events of significance in their lives. Cards to write on are offered when entering the Sanctuary and joys and concerned are shared by the minister. Visitors can also introduce themselves if they choose.  


Words for Reflection/A Time of Silence

Following the words for reflection, which usually relate to the sermon topic, there is a time of silence for meditation or contemplation. This is typically followed by a hymn.



UU sermons cover a wide range of areas: spiritual, character, social justice/action, current events, environmental issues -- even humor! The title of the current week's sermon is listed on our website. The services for each month are also described in the UUFC's weekly newsletter.


Hymn/Closing Words

Following the sermon, the congregation sings a hymn or other music, usually in keeping with the theme of the service. There are some brief closing remarks, perhaps a benediction, then the service ends with a congregational musical response and a musical postlude.

Social Time

Following the service everyone is welcome to gather for social time in our Social Hall. Coffee, tea and water are available along with snacks provided by that Sunday's Hospitality Team. The folks carrying red coffee mugs are members of the Membership Committee and can answer a wide range of questions you may have!



Our ushers (who wear Usher nametags) will greet you at the sanctuary doors and are available to assist you with any special requests. They can also provide amplification equipment for hearing-impaired persons to use during the service. Special packets are available to keep young hands busy! General seating is available in the Sanctuary. Late seating is used for those who arrive after 10:30a.m and is the last row to the right. The service can also be viewed in the Social Room.