UUFC religious education is committed to raising responsible, confident young people who live by their principles and want to make a difference in the world. In the past, curriculum has covered World Religions, Green Sanctuary, UU Principles and UU History.




Elementary Learners: Spirit Play

Kindergarten through fifth grade

Spirit Play, modeled partly on the Montessori method of learning, encourages children to ask questions of wonder. Stories from all traditions, including our own, introduces children to promises (principles) of Unitarian Universalism. To reinforce these, children have independent work time as part of the lesson. Fall 2013 classes focused on Unitarian Universalism and the principles. Spring 2014 classes will focus on other topics, such as world religions, service to the community and the world and the web of life (sustainability).



  • Beth Carraway

  • Kari Carson

  • Kathy Gillcrist

  • Sarah Harcum

  • Jan Lay

  • Hala Nassar

  • Christine Prado

  • Carl Thompson

  • Martha Thompson

  • Carolyn Turner


Teens: UU Principles through TED Talks

Sixth grade through twelfth grade

The teens will be exploring UU principles with the assistance of TED talks and discussion led by a diverse group of congregational members and a moderator well acquainted with the group of teens. Discussion on the topic should prove lively.



  • Holly Garrett

  • Meg MacArthur

  • Drake McNeary