Nancy L. and Renee

Proceed to the library only after the live auctions are completed. Please check that Liz and Melissa are finished updating the spreadsheet before joining them . . . it's essential that they have quiet. I'll head in that direction for a minute to see how things are going.



The accounting spreadsheet will be handled by Liz on her laptop. Once the winning bids have been updated, it will be data sorted by last name. Petra will bring a back-up laptop.

Nancy L.

Nancy will have pre-printed invoices sorted by last name that look like below. These will be created early Friday afternoon by Petra. If there is no invoice, Nancy will create one by hand with the person's name,  basic item number and amount. That only happens if someone has not bid on anything until that evening. Standard 8 1/2 x 11 sheets. Yes, I'll have plenty of paper. 

2020 UUFC Service Auction

Laurence, Peter



01-01             Home Organization                                   40

08-01             Your Garden Consultant                           50

09-01             Photography Lessons                                15

13-01             Guitar Lesson for Beginners                    50

27-01             Karl's Kayak Trip                                         20

64-02             The Village Bakery and Café                    15

Liz and Nancy L.

Nancy will pull the person's invoice sheet and Liz will consult the spreadsheet . . . reading off the person's winning bids by number and amount. Nancy will add/subtract items by hand and calculate the total owed. 



Renee will take the updated invoice and process the cash, check or credit card and mark the invoice accordingly.


Melissa hands out the gift certificates (will have master list). She also makes a copy of the invoice on the printer Petra will have ready and waiting . . . the original goes to person paying; copy is for us. If the printer fails for any reason, Melissa will take a picture of each invoice.

226 Pendleton Road 

Clemson, SC  29631


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