Goals for Religious Exploration

Children are especially important to us at UUFC, and services include a special time for the youngest members of our community.   In the words of William Ellery Channing, “The great end in religious instruction is not to stamp our minds upon the young, but to stir up their own… not to form an outward regularity, but to touch inward springs.”

We offer a safe and creative environment in which children and youth become compassionate, knowledgeable, and involved members of our spiritual community as well as of the world at large. To achieve this, our program provides opportunities for fellowship, free inquiry and expression, ethical and spiritual growth, and service for our communities.


Bring your child regularly. Facilitate a sense of community and enable your child to receive the accumulated effect of our planned curriculum.


Share your beliefs and church activities with your child. It is important for your children to know some of your religious views and to be informed about your involvement with church.


Adults who are not currently parenting young children are also needed as caring volunteers!  For more information on volunteer opportunities with our children’s programs, please contact Karen Hiebel at dlff@uufc.org.


We have established these goals for our religious education program at UUFC:


  • To establish a sense of community that will allow meaningful interaction between children and adults of UUFC.

  • To teach our children about the many religions of the world.

  • To build a system of values, ethics, and morals.

  • To teach the importance of service to the community and social justice.

  • To teach our children and youth what it means to be a Unitarian Universalist.