Social Time

A lively social time follows each Sunday morning service in our fellowship hall. It's a great opportunity to meet and mingle with members of the congregation each week. In addition to coffee and herbal teas, wholesome snacks are offered by volunteer hospitality teams.


If you have questions about UUFC, look for people holding red coffee mugs. These folks serve on the Membership committee and can assist you. We hope you'll feel welcome to stay for social time, and let us get to know you better!



Equal Exchange Trading Post

2nd Sunday of Every Month
On the second Sunday of every month, we hold our Trading Post, where we sell organically grown coffees, teas, olive oil, cocoa, and chocolates. These products are from Equal Exchange, so they encourage international farmers to sell their goods, bypassing the American competition. Farmers can make enough money to operate independently and survive. In exchange, we get very tasty items that are fresh, unique, and reasonably priced. Everyone enjoys tasting these goods and giving them to their friends. Here's a short video on fair trade.


We also sell used books, CDs and tapes for $1 each.


The Trading Post is held after the service during the hospitality time in the Social Room, 11:30am to 1:00pm.