Introduction and Progress: 2020 Pledge Drive

We’re More (Much More) Than Sunday Morning!

You are an essential part of our Beloved Community. Through you we support our spiritual health and well-being. 


Every October is Financial Stewardship month. It is the time we ask you for financial pledges that we can count on to fulfill our activities and vision for 2019.


What Do We Do?

You are stewards - or care-takers - of our

  • Buildings and grounds including the main building, the Founders House, parking area, Memorial Garden, landscaping

  • Lifetime Religious Exploration

    • Youth - beginning in the nursery through College

    • Adults - ongoing continuous learning

  • More than 25 social and spiritual groups

  • Service projects in our community


How Do We Do It?
The 3 T's of Stewardship

  • Time - the time you spend volunteering

  • Talent - the skills and abilities you bring to UUFC

  • Treasure - the money you provide to ensure ongoing financial health for our buildings, staff, Lifetime Religious Exploration, and social-spiritual groups


Questions can be directed to Elizabeth Branstead at