Chalice Lighting & Together Time

Rev. Terre Balof will lead the children in Together Time the Sundays she is leading the service.


The other Sundays we will read The Quest of the Rainbow Dragons, a typical "Hero's Journey" with several UU twists. Two children set out on a grand adventure to save the world, one principle at a time. There are 28 adventures, four for each of our seven principles. The children and adults can follow the adventures and reflect on the ways our lives are impacted by the values we share. The dance between story and engagement, between magic and science, between our abstract principles and the way they manifest in real life – all are a part of The Quest. And all are necessary if we are truly to engage in the fullness of life, and the intertwining of "reality" and "mystery."


Notes to TT/Chalice Volunteers


Should the need arise, please try to recruit your own replacement. If you have a problem or a question, contact the DRE.

You can light the chalice yourself or draft someone else to do it, preferably a child, a youth or a family.

The title of your Together Time and the name of your chalice lighter will be included in the bulletin provided the office receives them by Thursday of the week of your service.