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SUNDAY, February 2

Blessing the Plants, the Animals, the Humans of the World

Our actions, our words and our thoughts all help us contribute to protecting our Mother Earth.    As we explore the topic of RESILIENCE this month, we begin with our love and concern for the earth and all her creatures. 

Worship Leader: Rev. Terre Balof

SUNDAY, February 16

Affirming the Worth and Dignity of Every Person: Finding ways to help depolarize our own thoughts and those of friends and family

Reflections on empathy and understanding in the midst of conflict. 


Worship Leaders: Del Kimbler and Rev. Terre Balof

SUNDAY, February 23

Hope and Other Superpowers

John Pavlovitz had this as the title for one of his books.  It speaks to the power of hope even when life is challenging.  It can be a superpower. 

Worship Leaders: Karen Hiebel and Rev. Terre Balof

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Recent Services

SUNDAY, January 26

Bread and Roses: Human Rights and the Whole Person

Food, water, shelter – these are among the basic physical needs. But, don’t we, as human beings, also need something beyond the merely physical to truly thrive? As we begin this year’s Guest At Your Table Program, we reflect on the tangible and intangible things that nourish us, and meet some strong women fighting for the human rights of the whole person. 

Worship Leader; Karen Hiebel

Worship Associate: Virginia Parrish-Loy

SUNDAY, January 19

"Passionate Words from the Heart"

Spoken word poet MoOdy bLaCk will lead our service this Sunday. MoOdy bLaCk has been a performing artist since the age of twelve, and has become a prominent force on a multi-regional poetry scene through his enthusiastic live shows and strong work ethic.

Worship Leaders: MoOdy bLaCk and Rev. Terre Balof

MoOdy BLaCk has a created a buzz in the following impressive achievements:

  • Host of the longest running open mic in South Carolina and National Poetry Awards 2015 Best Open Mic Venue in the Nation (The Say What?! Open Mic in Greenville SC-Every Sunday at Coffee Underground, 7:30pm)

  • National Poetry Awards 2015 Best Host of an Open Mic Venue Award

  • TEDx Performer

  • Smart Arts Teaching Artist

  • Motivational Speaker

  • Comedian

  • 2017 GANSPA Award for Best Poet in the Nation

  • Endie Fiyah Radio Legend Award

  • 107.3 JAMZ 2015 Black History Pioneer

  • 96.3 The Block- 2017 Black History Pioneer

  • National Touring Poet


SUNDAY, January 12

"The People, Yes"--Honoring the Gifts of a Diverse People

Carl Sandburg was the poet of the people who saw the gifts that America's cultural diversity that weaves the tapestry that America.


Worship Leaders: Virginia Parrish-Loy and Rev. Terre Balof

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