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Sunday, April 12

Our Traditional Easter Flower Communion

This year our community will be scattered for our Flower Communion service.  We hope you will gather some flowers as we share this service.


Worship Leader: Rev. Terre Balof

Sunday, April 26

Earth Day

The Indigenous people lived in harmony with the earth. What can we learn from their way of being and their farming practices that leads us to a more sustainable future? Welcome to Turtle Island! 

Worship Leaders: The Green Sanctuary Team

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Recent Services

SUNDAY, April 5

The Plague and the Exodus

As Passover approaches, we are reminded of the human family's experience of "plague times".

Worship Leader: Rev. Terre Balof

SUNDAY, March 29

Digital Wisdom and the Sacred

How do we think about wisdom and the sacred in digital spaces?  

Worship Leaders: Dr. Gabriel Hankins and Rev. Terre Balof

SUNDAY, March 22

Almost 60 years ago, a marriage of desperation took place between two struggling faith traditions that merged to form the Unitarian Universalist Association.  This is the story of their learning to love each other and to benefit from the different experiences and perspectives each partner brought to the marriage.

Worship Leader: Holley Ulbrich and Rev. Terre Balof

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