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SUNDAY, November 17

How Shall I Live Knowing I Will Die?

This third question that human need to answer challenges us to live in harmony with our deepest values.  Whether we choose to do that is seen in our daily actions and decisions.  How am I choosing to live the days that are mine?


Worship Leader: Rev. Terre Balof

SUNDAY, November 24

Pilgrims Then and Now.  

When we think of pilgrims we might see Puritan ancestors and yet the refugees of each generation are pilgrims also.


Worship Leaders: Karen Hiebel and Rev. Terre Balof

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SUNDAY, November 10

Making Peace with our Lives

The busier and more stressful our lives become, the greater our need to find ways to be at peace with ourselves.  During this service we explore spiritual practices from various cultures and religions that have been helpful practices for those seeking peace and emotional well-being.  




Worship Leaders: Elaine Faithful and Rev. Terre Balof

SUNDAY, November 3

All Souls Day

Our ancestors believed that this time of year is a "thin space", a time when the souls of our loved ones who have died are close.  All Hallows Eve and All Saints Day is a time when we can remember them.  Today we will plant bulbs to honor our loved ones.  

Worship Leader: Rev. Terre Balof

SUNDAY, October 27

What Do I Love?

This multi-generational helps us explore a core question that each of us needs to explore to have a better sense of our place in the world. 

Worship Leaders: Karen Hiebel, Rev. Terre Balof, and Friends

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