UUFC and Clemson Community Care

CCC is our local food bank for which we collect canned foods weekly. A UUFC member serves on the CCC Church Advisory Committee. Hundreds of families are served by CCC annually with food, emergency assistance for utility and rent arrears, food stamp applications, job search assistance, back to school and holiday supports, home repairs, and myriad other services.

CCC food collections:

2009: 1,013.75 pounds

2010: 458.1 pounds (in addition, 34 pounds of clothing for Safe Harbor)

2011: 815.1 pounds (in addition, $70)

2012: 786.9 pounds

2013: 2,242.49 pounds

2014: 3,438.15 pounds

2015: 3,804.12 pounds

2016: 2,859.81 pounds

2017: 10,097.05 pounds

2018: 4,560 pounds

2019: 4,308 pounds

2009 through 2019 total:  34,383.47 pounds of food.


Many thanks to Carol Ward, team leader and liaison. Additional thanks to Heidi Campbell, Karel Keel, Phyllis Phillips, Nancy Lemaster, Dorris Sias, and Michele Sawich-Towler for taking the donated food to Clemson Community Care to be weighed and distributed to the local needy.


We have done a great job and need to continue to feed the people in Oconee, Pickens, and Anderson counties.  We need to keep up our good works. For more information, please contact the CCC team at ccc@uufc.org.