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We are a living faith tradition of people who believe in the calling to create a world we can all share without fear.

We come from many religions (or no religion), cultures, backgrounds and origins.

... keep our promises.

UU's create community by covenant, a promise of how we will treat and respect one another throughout our work, no matter how large or small.

And we're not perfect. If we break our covenant, we seek to right our wrongs in the way that creates positive change in our world and our relationships.

... work together,

without fear of dogma or spiritual wrongness.

We are bound together by our seven principles and common goals, rather than a singular religious belief.

You can find more information on the seven principles on

You can read about the Proposed 8th Principle on racial justice at

... accept & value our neighbors.

We seek to love each other and the members of the wider Beloved Community, not in spite of, but because of our differences.

... encourage each other.

We create spaces for ourselves and others in our community to explore who they are, who they can become and what we can achieve together.


We celebrate the each other's journey's, even if they are different from the path we would have chosen.

... strive for more than equality.

We look for ways to create equity and inclusion in our community, in order to celebrate and appreciate the cultures we all come from and help provide the support each community needs.

... value our world.

We seek awareness of how our actions influence our neighbors, as well as the natural world around us.
We seek peace and justice for all.

... haven't always been right.


Our American history begins in the 1700's.

While our beliefs and practices have changed, we must admit that our religious ancestors were not always on the right side of history.

... do better.

We commit ourselves to overcoming the wrongs of the past by actively challenging harmful systems and practices, by educating ourselves and our peers, and by working to give a voice to those who have been negatively effected by the actions of our ancestors.

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