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Nice to meet you.

Whether you have recently discovered Unitarian Universalism and are ready to explore or are a traveling UU passing through the Clemson area, we're glad you found us! 

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Your First Visit

Have any special concerns or require acommodations?

Contact the
Minister or Worship Chair 

before your visit.

Read More about our
Children & Youth Program >

If you have any special concerns
you can contact our Director.

Forget your visitor's card?

Our Membership Chair can help you out.


Please park on the grass!

No worries! Our green parking lot is designed to support parking while reducing excess heat and allowing rain to soak into the ground.


Accessible parking is available near the roundabout in front of the sanctuary.


We're here to help.

Right inside the main door you'll be greeted by someone at the Welcome Table.


You'll be given a Visitors Packet and, if you want one, a stick-on nametag.


We have a place for the kids too!

If you have preschool age (or older) children with you, they can stay with you for the service, or they can go with the other children to their classes after the story time in the service.  Either way, your children will be well taken care of.


Please retrieve them by noon. If your children have any sort of difficulty that requires your presence, we'll be sure to come and quietly get you from the service.

Our nursery is currently open for use as a fussy baby room.


Leave the card, keep the pen!

During the service you can fill out the card that's in your Visitor Packet. When the Offertory basket comes your way, just drop the card in it.


Someone will record your information and set in motion a series of contacts with you.


Coffee, anyone?

After the service please join us in the Social Room at the opposite end of the building for coffee and refreshments.


We want to get to know you! Ask whatever questions come to mind.
We like questions!

Before you join us, please note that we do not have a dress code. Our members attend services in suits, blue jeans, hiking clothes, or cultural attire as they feel comfortable.


First Visit
Driving Directions

Driving Directions

You can find us at:
226 Pendleton Rd.

Clemson, S.C.

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