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As a faith tradition, we encourage each other to grow both spiritually and personally. We value the opportunity to aid each other in our growth through support and interaction.

Groups are led by approved, trained facilitators and are held in a variety of online and in-person settings as decided by the group.

Holding Hands

Covenant Groups

Adults are encouraged to explore significant topics influencing their life and spirituality through guided group study and ritual.

Covenant groups offer a supportive setting forpersonal growth and building community.

Therapy Session

Classes & Workshops

What is a Unitarian Universalist and how do you become one? What do we believe and what do we have in common?

Adult workshops include UU 101, Building Your Own Theology and other similar topics.

Playing Chess

Interest Groups

(The Fun Stuff)

Although terminally serious, UU's do occasionally like to socialize.

Groups such as the Novel Circle and the revolving Circle Dinner meet on a recurring basis.

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